Cute corgi pups waddled their way to the finish line in a fierce competition.
The powerful bond between a person and their dog can save a life. Let's never forget that.
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"She took a little bit of a vacation to Honolulu."
Corgi-loving Queen Elizabeth, 89, said she won't be getting another dog.
Event co-founder Kelly McLemore told The Huffington Post it was the biggest turnout yet in nine gatherings. A total of 634
At the 0:18 mark, a silly smile spreads across the pup's face, and she looks like she's soaking up all life has to offer
Kinney the Corgi has a very particular taste. He only likes the sound of the Beatles, and who could blame him. Those Brits
Seriously guys, when is slow motion ever not better than regular motion? But he can catch a treat, and his owner can film
We've got something of a riddle for you: What's cuter than an already-adorable corgi? When that corgi does a belly-flop in
A Pembroke Welsh corgi named Meatball won't settle for simple dog toys. Instead, he needs a playground carousel to keep him