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Corinthian fell out of favor with the Department of Education last summer over a paperwork dispute, leading to a cash crunch
"There are a lot of questions about how straightforward the Education Department is being with students about the situation
There will undoubtedly be serious disruptions if a major for-profit college with tens of thousands of students collapses. But the last thing government should be doing is to spend more taxpayer dollars to drive more students into bad deals at predatory colleges.
Citing HuffPost's investigation, U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) in December called on the Department of Education to investigate
A top Senate Democrat on Thursday called for the Obama administration and collegiate accreditors to investigate whether a
Eric Parms enrolled at an Everest College campus in the suburbs of Atlanta in large part because recruiters promised he would have little trouble securing a job.
Spoils Of Hard Times Click to view the document. As news of the attorney general's investigation trickled out, damaging Corinthian's