Cornelius Gurlitt

Some people doodle. Others diddle or dawdle. But for those who feel compelled to draw, to dance, or to dabble, there is an inner fire which must be fed. Feeding that fire makes perfect sense to those who are creative. Trying to explain the process to others can be incredibly difficult.
There has been much reporting about the attempt of Jewish families to reclaim works of art that had been pilfered by the Nazis.
A Swiss museum says its delighted to receive more than $1 billion worth of paintings from a Nazi-art hoarder, but it also says it has some questions.
My great grandfather saw his role as documenting the world around him; I see mine as uncovering and sharing a world that was lost.
Three years after Abend Über Potsdam/Evening Over Potsdam was finished, in 1933, Laserstein was officially classified as "three-quarters Jewish"; her life as a German artist, just begun, also appeared to be finished.