Coronary Artery Disease

Mayo Clinic researchers show that hysterectomy with ovarian conservation is associated with a significantly increased risk
Eating at your desk is horrible for your health — both physically and emotionally.
A new commentary just published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine contends that saturated fat is uninvolved in coronary
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One challenge is that some heart disease symptoms in women may be different from those in men.
There is a simple blood test that can help health care providers quickly, accurately and safely rule out obstructive coronary
We need to be more informed so that we can weigh the potential costs, risks and complications of heart test in women to determine what is best. Some of the risks include radiation exposure, dye reactions and vascular injury. Let's put that into context. One nuclear stress test, one of the most common heart tests, is equivalent to radiation exposure of 39 mammograms and up to 1,000 chest X-rays. In case you are wondering, this is a big deal.
When plaque blocks more than 50 percent of an artery, it is considered obstructive coronary artery disease. Since a woman's risk of CAD increases with her age, it's crucial to understand the symptoms - and know that they may differ from symptoms shown in men.
While many men may be unaware that they suffer from heart disease until a major incident, like a heart attack, occurs, there are several red flags that you should be aware of to better detect problems with the heart during the earliest and most treatable phases.
The worst kind of assurance is false assurance. And that's been one of the problems with conventional cardiac stress tests, including the venerable EKG treadmill test, where you get all wired up and walk for your life.
If you're going to shovel snow, the American Heart Association suggests taking frequent rest breaks and using a small shovel
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