corporal punishment

These counties had high rates of lynchings. Now their schools are more likely to paddle Black children, a new study reveals.
Whipping was a form of punishment in Delaware until 1952, used disproportionately against Black citizens.
Dwayne Stamper said spanking made him and his kids behave, but research disagrees.
A seven-year-old boy reportedly has a concussion after a teacher dragged him off a school bus. The boy’s Memphis school didn’t believe his story, but his classmate recorded the incident.
In the 2013-2014 school year, more than 100,000 students were subjected to some form of corporal punishment.
In some school districts, black students are over five times more likely to get physically disciplined.
It required a greater degree of creativity and engagement to discipline without spanking, but in retrospect, that's a feature
The marks of a schoolboy beating heal, but the mental scars never really go away. But many years on, you don't expect to wake up in the freest and most enlightened country in the world to discover that corporal punishment at school is alive and kicking.
Black school kids in America are beaten and suspended disproportionately.