corporate america

“Actions speak louder than words,” the senator from Massachusetts said in an interview with HuffPost.
Voters must have "an equal, fair opportunity to cast a ballot," said the statement signed by CEOs and companies including Google, Netflix, Apple and Amazon.
The most recent flashpoint was in Georgia, where a new GOP-backed law restricting voting rights drew harsh criticism from Delta Air Lines and Coca-Cola.
Partners at Red Associates described Black women as “angry” and “scary,” and one person was asked to use eugenicist-approved “The Bell Curve” in research.
Big companies would have to give 20% of their shares to employees under a new proposal from the Democratic candidate.
Meanwhile, corporations continue to reap the benefits from the GOP tax cut law.
The adage “You have to work twice as hard for half as much” never rang more true.
A greater emphasis must be placed on developing a pipeline for blacks to ascend to high-ranking corporate positions.
The senator said the government has the tools to tackle monopolies. It just needs to use them.