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The company claimed its anti-LGBTQ days are a thing of the past. Critics don't clucking believe it.
Hillary Clinton fashions herself as the ultimate general in a war against big-money politics.
I think we are rather missing a major point about money in politics, at least in the United States.
Facebook has a strong record on LGBT issues and that will not change, but we make decisions about which candidates to support
Though giving is still far below pre-recession levels, charity from the big business sector rose last year -- but not by
"In 2012, Americans were feeling better - but not great," Gregg Carlson, chair of the foundation, wrote in the study. But
By the time we reach the 2014 election, almost one third of the current Senate will have resigned in the past three elections. Recent reports indicate that those formerly considered to be virtually automatic candidates are rejecting the opportunity to seek the vacated seats.
The user also provided templates of a high-resolution blank race suit and background, encouraging other users to grab a politician's
From the depths of the White House's "We the People" petition website comes this cause created on Tuesday, hoping to force congressional lawmakers to prominently display their financial backers and monetary support from various lobbies. Zach Carter joins Abby to discuss.
Since most politicians' campaigns are largely funded by wealthy companies and individuals, it would give voters a better
In addition to the $10 million loan and $4.14 million contribution to New American City, the Charlotte Observer reported
Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.), a former Wall Street executive, will serve as the national finance chairman for the Democratic
Some of the nation's biggest corporations donated more than a million dollars to launch a Republican nonprofit that went
WASHINGTON -- The relaunch of President Barack Obama's reelection campaign as an issues-based nonprofit called Organizing
The convention committee raised a total of $55 million for the four-day long proceedings, according to a report filed on
The U.S. Bancorp Foundation’s website states: “The U.S. Bancorp Foundation charitable contributions program will not provide
The company offers its workers a chance to participate in an eight-month leadership program in Colombia with the Grameen
The U.S. Constitution mentions voting rights more than any other right. But both locally and nationally, we are witnessing organized efforts to limit eligible voters from casting their ballots.
Some examples of disclosed political contributions to the Chamber in 2010 include a $1.9 million contribution from Dow Chemical