Corporate Equality Index

Time and time again, Disney is dropping the ball ― and sorry Elsa, but I’m not letting it go.
A very important part of diversity and inclusion starts with allies.
"Each of these companies is delivering a message of inclusion, diversity and equality that is needed now more than ever."
Regardless of the measurement, progress on transgender workplace inclusion has been clearly and definitively made and that is something we all can be very proud of. However, just because we've reached this new plateau doesn't mean the work is finished. Hardly.
Global economic challenges and long term business trends are reshaping the role of the future corporate leaders. The need for increased female leadership has been one of the focal topics within the international business community throughout 2015.
HRC's Corporate Equality Index has been used as a tool for LGBT workplace equality since 2002.
In an annual survey assessing corporate practices relevant to LGBT employees published this week by Human Rights Campaign
David Bromstad, it is not we gays who need to "make strides in the right direction" toward anti-gay organizations. If we actually spend our money only on the organizations that support the LGBT community, then the bad ones will make strides in the right directions toward us.
See a selection of the rankings below: The report, also titled "Buying for Workplace Equality 2013," divides popular businesses
Last year, 189 major U.S. employers received a top score; this year, that number burgeoned to 252. According to HRC, 13 of