corporate taxes

The 2020 Democratic presidential candidate has a new plan for a progressive tax on lobbyists in Washington.
The tech giant reportedly used various tax breaks and credits to claim a $129 million rebate on $11 billion in profits last year.
The contentious Proposition C is expected to nearly double the money the city spends on addressing its homelessness crisis.
The massive Republican corporate tax cut won't likely encourage the return of sheltered money to America.
The city wants to tax large corporations to pay for homeless housing, but Jeff Bezos isn't pleased.
"We just had a huge chance to reform our tax code and we absolutely blew it."
The plan would potentially add billions to the federal deficit.
In his inaugural address, Donald Trump correctly reported a crime -- the ongoing rip-off of America's working families -- but misidentified the culprits. That's not surprising, since he's one of them and plans to accelerate the theft now that he's in power.
He needs to work with other countries to shape rules for investment competition to avoid a zero-sum game.
Depending on the size of your business, you'll most likely be looking at different insurance policies. The Insurance Information