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To identify issues the organization should pay attention to the symptoms. When it's out of balance the following occurs which
Building close relationships with consistent students is one of the greatest perks of being an office yoga teacher. Many
If President-elect Trump would like to do something useful to reform healthcare, he could start with workplace wellness, truly the "swamp" of the Affordable Care Act.
According to the research, if 20 percent of non-exercising patients with cardiovascular disease start incorporating physical
Think of yoga as a series of movements and stretches to connect your mind, breath, and body, so that you end up refreshed and clear headed. Here are three reasons why office yoga works.
Get a Quick Workout In Do Something Kind But that's not true! Grab Some Water Literally Step Away Working out can be a great
Where is your mind? This is a question my late and great teacher Harsha would ask at the beginning and end of every class
Don't worry about being flexible, having a mat, or going to a yoga studio. Below, find three easy ways to yoga anywhere. My
This sequence will take away stress in your middle back and shoulders. It will also calm the mind. The key is to make sure that your mind is focused on your breath and your body -- let your anxieties be in your past or in your future.
In 2015, we performed over 85,000 biometric screenings. That means we screened over 85,000 American employees! In the report
You've heard it before and you'll hear it again, when it comes to your health journey, don't be afraid to start small! Even the tiniest of first steps towards a healthy lifestyle is a great first step to take.
So you've done your biometric screening event. You did the organization, recruitment and it was a success! A few weeks later, you received your aggregate results. But now what?
Check out these eight companies that offer wellness perks we all want to take advantage of. Even if you don't have the means for these specific wellness perks, consider them as inspiration for innovative wellness ideas of your own.
The womb is not just an anatomical place where human conception takes place. It is the energetic environment of the imagination
“Stress-reduction and mindfulness don’t just make us happier and healthier; they’re a proven competitive advantage for any
The best way to make health work is to make it a habit. Committing health to habit can put your healthy decisions on autopilot. This means you'll do them without really thinking about them, which can make health so much easier!
Creating a brand for your corporate wellness program has the same types of benefits as creating a corporate brand. Your wellness program brand ensures your program is recognizable. It helps you create something with which your employees can relate.
In any business operation, it's best not to let your resources go to waste. You want your time, efforts and money to go as far as they possibly can. This idea can be easier said than done when it comes to abstract business operations like employee wellness.
This shift in how you view mindfulness -- loving being alive rather than practicing human experiences -- is enough to cause a profound change in yourself, the kind of change worth bringing to the world.
Are you constantly searching for the next best thing to include in your employee wellness program? Search no further! Extensive