corporate wellness

• Lifestyle modification programs • Restricting work hours • Career satisfaction and realignment allowing employees to be
Many companies are beginning to discover the benefits of having regular yoga and meditation instruction during the work day
If President-elect Trump would like to do something useful to reform healthcare, he could start with workplace wellness, truly the "swamp" of the Affordable Care Act.
"Even among an established high-risk group such as those diagnosed with heart disease or stroke, those who engaged in regular
Think of yoga as a series of movements and stretches to connect your mind, breath, and body, so that you end up refreshed and clear headed. Here are three reasons why office yoga works.
Focus on Priorities In the heat of the moment, take a quick break to gather yourself. It will help you return to the situation
Harsha and I would meet at sunrise for our daily practice. This was my second summer working with this particular group of
Try Desk Yoga You may be surprised with how easy and feel good desk yoga can be. Using your chair and desk as a prop in your
This sequence will take away stress in your middle back and shoulders. It will also calm the mind. The key is to make sure that your mind is focused on your breath and your body -- let your anxieties be in your past or in your future.
What that Means for You After taking a look at the numbers, we dove into the trends we saw. Taking a look at health metric