The Massachusetts senator's history of legal work includes clients like Dow Chemical and Travelers insurance.
"We should be taxing the soaring profits of our own multinational corporations and using the revenues to help working-class households," Jeffrey Sachs wrote.
Fearing a blue wave in November, businesses are getting more ambitious in fighting progressive reforms.
Promises of jobs and increased pay have only yielded billions for corporate shareholders.
Small businesses are often overshadowed in the news by large corporations and conglomerates. They may not generate as much
Whether it is liberalism, to enrich all lives with the right to education, or conservatism, to pay due respect to every dollar, that guides you -- finding a solution to the current college affordability crisis works in the favor of all Americans.
• Wellness programs often evaluate employees solely on what actions they claim to have taken and for any specific activity
Leave it to Walmart …. there are so many ways that sentence can go, aren’t there? Well this week the politically incorrect discount shopping conglomerate it out to offend women.
As the startups of today, you are the future IPOs of tomorrow. You have the chance to change the face and experience of "Corporate America" into one that inspires us as much as the fast-paced, ever-changing, startup world does.
When you've got giant energy companies this scared, you must be doing something right. Read more on Upworthy
Can we align the interests of giant corporations with our national, American interest? If we cannot, they should be stripped of their American corporate privileges and be required to do the same things as other entities that are not wedded to the national interest.
The need for us to become the policy-makers to create a just and sustainable food supply chain is urgent, because in the hands of the US government it has become increasingly unjust and unsustainable.
What's the significance of "corporate personhood"? This bizarre concept makes it infinitely more difficult to prosecute individual corporate wrongdoers and makes it possible for corporations to continue to dominate American politics and election spending by invoking constitutional protections intended for "real" persons.
One notion is our Myth of Scarcity. To wit: that love is inherently scarce. Energy is scarce, especially human energy. Generosity
Occupy Wall Street had it correct when it stated "that no true democracy is attainable when the process is determined by economic power." We must change the rules of the game, not just the gender and racial traits of the top players.
Let's not throw the baby out with the bath water. Instead, let's ensure that all students master algebraic thinking and problem-solving, the essence of algebra, regardless of their eventual career goals.
When we have a great board, it makes the mission (whether it is making great products, providing outstanding services, curing AIDS, or ending malaria in Africa) easier to achieve. So how can a CEO use his/her board members to maximize the enterprise's success?
The apology was just one of many by corporations in recent years. Investment banks like Goldman Sachs, auto-companies like
2012-06-12-rootsgrassdjfkdkfjdk.jpgI must warn you, some of this attack ad footage is demoralizing, even troubling, but the point is to learn from these character's mistakes.
Considering how well established the signature liability rules are it is surprising that there are still ambiguous situations created by both the writers and signers of documents.