Federal prosecutors concluded just 99 criminal cases against corporations in 2022, the same number as Donald Trump’s DOJ during his second year.
Democrats are pushing corporations to stop funding key GOP groups whose leaders voted to overturn the election results.
Citigroup CEO Mike Corbat sits down with Farjana Rohman, Citi Vice President - Instant Payments Product Manager, to discuss the challenges of being a state school educated, young woman of color in what is historically a feeder-career for the Ivy League.
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The market matters, for the wrong reasons.
If we depend on corporate goodwill or right-wing generosity, we are all screwed.
The "bribe" for Carrier is barely a rounding error in the tens of billions of dollars in public money and tax breaks lavished upon corporations each and every day by Republicans and Democrats alike.
While it may be perfectly legal, Ron Johnson's stake in the multimillion-dollar firm with one employee sure seems odd.
"You don’t see the type of very visible, proud arm around the shoulder that corporations have traditionally done at these conventions," one observer said.
Corporate contributions helped elect the state's Republican legislative majority.
Overturning the decision is more complicated than the senator lets on.