The suspect twisted the dead woman's finger to remove the band.
Officers suspect murder suicide after man's corpse also found at Austria's Lake Traunsee.
Kenneth Brown was reportedly propped up in his favorite armchair.
French archaeologists announced a remarkable discovery Tuesday -- the perfectly preserved corpse of a 17th century French
For Obama's offensive on the economy to work, a few Democrats need to "have his back" and help him push his initiatives. Starting with the minimum wage -- an issue wildly popular among voters.
In a necropolis in Spain, archaeologists have found the remains of a Roman woman who died in her 30s with a calcified tumor
ScienceNOW, the daily online news service of the journal Science Trekking through Chile's Atacama Desert 7000 years ago, hunter
The researchers also recovered viable stem cellsfrom mice 14 days after death. These cells appeared to function properly
In a pilot study published in the journal Forensic Science International, scientists left a donor's body in at the university's
Hillary Clinton has every right to be pleased with herself and her government. Gaddafi had finally landed in the enemy pile after years of swinging back and forth in his American alliance, and enemies are not meant to endure. His time had come, by all accounts.