corpus christi

Enforcement officers first encountered the undocumented immigrant when she was on her way from one hospital to another.
President Donald Trump headed to Texas for briefings on the response to Hurricane Harvey.
The Texas Gulf Coast suffered significant damage.
Donations of food, money and blood are all sought.
"Please help I'm stuck here," read the surreal note from the captive repairman.
About 20 shots in six seconds turned an apprehension into a bloodbath.
Corpus Christi residents can't use their tap water until further notice.
A citywide water boil advisory in Corpus Christi is affecting people, schools and businesses alike.
Roughly one week after Mac previewed their first Selena-inspired lipstick, she's getting yet another homage in her beloved
Dianna Hutts Aston is best known for her acclaimed, award-winning, nonfiction nature books, illustrated by Sylvia Long and published by Chronicle Books. But Dianna's latest work is a disarming, narrative account of her mid-life adventures across America.