Correctional Officers

Oregon's Dept. of Corrections uses mindfulness to help combat high rates of PTSD, depression and suicide among officers.
The 430,000 Correctional Officers responsible for America's 2.3 million prison inmates face high rates of stress, health problems, PTSD, depression, and suicide. The Oregon Department of Corrections is using mindfulness to change that.
At one correctional facility on Michigan's Upper Peninsula, kitchen staff and some other inmate workers refused to report to work; demonstrations followed the next day, and fires and vandalism rendered two residential units unlivable.
I didn't expect my talk to a class of criminal justice majors at a local community college to be any different from the other workshops, presentations and classes I'd done.
From uniformed beat cops to homicide dicks to sheriffs more and more of the nation's police officers are coming to realize that our 40-year drug war is an unmitigated failure.