The woman did not immediately disclose the birth, but the baby was soon discovered by a corrections officer.
Exploitation or rehabilitation? As the California wildfires continue to burn, non-violent prisoners have volunteered to fight the blaze for one dollar an hour. But it’s a controversial program.
From what we know about the plan, when Trump says "rebuild," he really means "privatize."
Amid all the hysterical palaver about 'fake news' this year (another yugely fungible descriptor, like 'mistake') it's worth
My dad, whom, I loved very much, used to correct my grammar relentlessly. His intention was noble, but he was not always
Oregon's Dept. of Corrections uses mindfulness to help combat high rates of PTSD, depression and suicide among officers.
The 430,000 Correctional Officers responsible for America's 2.3 million prison inmates face high rates of stress, health problems, PTSD, depression, and suicide. The Oregon Department of Corrections is using mindfulness to change that.
While thinking of how best to send money, it's also important to keep in mind how much the inmate may really need - not enough money, and they could do without some essential hygiene products, too much, and they could be targets for others, although the amount they are able to access weekly may be limited.
Private prison companies are roadblocks to meaningful criminal justice reform. Every taxpayer dollar that goes to their profits is a dollar not spent on improving conditions in jails and prisons or investing in alternatives to incarceration.
I take photographs of kids who are in trouble, and they have to hide their faces when I photograph them. The pictures are