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Inmates are facing bad conditions in prisons and jails nationwide. Correctional officers are at risk, too.
The Federal Bureau of Prisons employees allegedly fell asleep when they were supposed to be guarding the billionaire pedophile.
Trevor Martineau allegedly told investigators that he was paid $1,000 to sneak the burrito into the Colorado correctional facility where he worked.
Mari Johnson was found dead inside the French Robertson Unit, near Abilene, on Saturday.
Take the journey with Gary Heyward and you will learn things that you maybe did not know about the jail system but most importantly you will leave fully committed to the fact that there is such thing as second chances.
Watch the entire segment on Huffpost Live. "Prayer helped me," Givens said. Before every execution, he would pray for the
Jerry Givens executed 62 people in Virginia, but he's now a fervent opponent of the death penalty. He joins Ahmed to tell his story.
RIKERS ISLAND -- Sex among city correction officers is "rampant" on Rikers Island -- and it happens during work hours, a