There is and never has been any conspiracy to bring these guys down because of their too-big-for-their-britches position.
The reverberations of the revolution that the Cosby accusers started can now be felt from Hollywood to the halls of Congress.
The judge has declared a mistrial, which means Cosby is neither found guilty nor acquitted.
The woman's accusations of a 2004 assault have resulted in the only criminal prosecution against Cosby.
No outsider can say whether Mr. Trump is innocent or guilty of these new rape charges. But we can look at his record, analyze the court filings here, and make a determination as to credibility - whether the allegations are believable enough for us to take them seriously and investigate them, keeping in mind his denial and reporting new facts as they develop.
The comedian's defense said there was an oral agreement that he wouldn't be prosecuted.
Last week, Bill Cosby was officially charged with three felony charges of aggravated indecent assault. With the numerous
A Cosby prosecution rightly tosses the ugly glare back on the wrong public perceptions about rape and sexual abuse and how easily the crime can still be blown off. But it also casts light on two other deeply troubling questions.