cosmetic surgery

“How vocal have I been about my procedures???” the rapper began her comeback.
The 32-year-old actor died in Miami earlier this year. She is survived by her former partner, “Wild ’N Out” co-star D.C. Young Fly, and their three children.
"I probably said that in my forties!" the "Sex and the City" star said of her old view of cosmetic surgery.
The Kim K impersonator built a large following on Instagram before what her family called her "sudden" death.
"I’m still hard working, inquisitive and sexy," tweeted the "Criminal Minds" actor as she acknowledged the start of 2023.
People who've gotten BBLs and lip injections say they wish the sisters would be more upfront with their procedures.
“In the world's eyes, I was no longer me,” the “Dirty Dancing” star said of life after her rhinoplasty.
The pop star wrote on Instagram that recent weight loss led her to ponder a "boob job."
"I’d just had plastic surgery so that I could regain my self confidence. Instead, I lost my ability to feel anything."
Two treatments in particular have seen a significant increase. Find out why.