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Why covering up the magazine is bad for women (and everyone else).
We'll take our seven-minute orgasms without a side unintended pregnancy, thanks. H/T The New Republic Beyond electoral politics recently announced that it would begin covering more political content heading into election season -- including
You're the fashion editor of the most-read women's magazine in the U.S. I may not be a huge fan of your content, but as your magazine goes, so goes, to a certain extent, the 18-to-34-year-old female nation. Trends are for everyone. So start one.
What if Cosmopolitan dedicated an issue to inner beauty? (Click through to College Humor to see the full cover.) We've gotta
In what Sandberg described as a feminist manifesto, the Facebook COO argued in her book that women unintentionally hold themselves
If there is a straight and sometimes-high-five-throwing male out there who can claim more influence on their life from Helen Gurley Brown, I'd love to meet him. Until then I'm proclaiming myself as her absolute number one fan.
A few months ago, at the Tablao Villa Rosa, a tourist-friendly restaurant in Madrid, dozens of beautifully dressed women
Celebrities gathered on the red carpet last week for the 15th annual Fun Fearless Awards presented by Cosmopolitan Magazine.