Celebrity astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is denying accusations of sexual misconduct.
There is also a murder mystery, of sorts: somebody is strangling small animals in the neighborhood--birds, chickens, cats
EVA: Yes! Well, thank you so much Lita, this was wonderful. EVA: Wow, that sounds amazing.  Now that you mention red, it
When Neil de Grasse Tyson says that, evolutionarily, intelligence might be the best way of making oneself go extinct, I remember the tour guide at the library telling my fifth grade class about how many miles of books there are in the library.
Many will opine on the right way to recall and celebrate Dr. King's place in the universe. My modest contribution is to suggest we recall and celebrate the universe in which Dr. King, and all the rest of us, have found a place -- and the means by which we know it.
In evolutionary mysticism, we are talking about God as the energy and intelligence that created the universe. Remember, the
Life has an inexhaustible curriculum, and the lessons are infinite just like God even when it comes to a conversation about faith and science, God and the cosmos, creation and evolution, quantum physics and eternity, imago dei and science, genetics and morality, and health and healing.
The world's largest mega scopes could find life outside our solar system.
Why don't we care? "Half of us is other people," according to Dr. Eagleman. Then why don't we care enough for other people