Cost-benefit analysis

By Suzannah Scanlon and Donald S. Shepard President Trump has threatened that if he doesn’t receive funding for the “big
Within the next few days, Congress is likely to enact the first update of a major environmental statute in many years.
If we are to stay below the 2°C temperature rise, we have to reverse this sense of inevitability, whether it is in the guise of pragmatism or complacency. To aggressively pursue a low-carbon economy, the Keystone XL pipeline is not just as good a place to start as any, but better. It is an infrastructure project -- yesterday's infrastructure.
House Republicans posted their budget bill Tuesday, and it includes a "statement of policy" -- see page 123, Section 810
Neither bill is likely to be enacted as standalone legislation, since Obama opposes both measures and this week's votes demonstrated
I see relationships as a chain. We're all linked to one another. If we've met, we have a relationship, albeit a fairly shallow one. I'm young, so I don't really know, but from what my parents have told me, that chain used to mean something.
Foxx spokesman Sheridan Watson defended the bill as a way of making the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act function properly. "It
The cost-benefit analysis attack is largely the brainchild of conservative power lawyer Eugene Scalia, the son of Supreme
The ability of the Food and Drug Administration to regulate tobacco products is under threat --from the FDA itself.
A regular part of the president's political presentations is that we have brought home/are bringing home American troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. The unspoken point is: Mission Accomplished (as a previous president termed it).
Just as the Super Bowl is a monument to commerce, arguments about legalizing marijuana tend to contain a lot of dollar signs.
Unfortunately for Chair White, her predecessors' mishandling of the JOBS Act rulemaking to lift the ban on general solicitation in private offerings has left her with an uncomfortable choice between speeding implementation of that rule and ignoring her commitment to follow the economic analysis guidelines.
Republicans again have it all wrong as they bring to the House floor the SEC Regulatory Accountability Act, or the so-called SEC "cost-benefit" bill. The bill seeks to not only undo Dodd-Frank, but all financial market regulation past, present, and future.
At a time of fiscal uncertainty and the need to reexamine our public investment priorities, investments by government and public-private partnerships in the early childhood education workforce are a smart choice.
Because CBA is so unpopular, it remains off-limits in broad swaths of public policy.
Today the SEC stands at a crossroads. The decisions it makes, and the decisions that are made for it by Congress, will determine whether the agency can reemerge as a credible investor watchdog or whether it will be permanently relegated to industry lap dog status.
I want my loved one to get all the medication and medical attention that will carry him through his final days in comfort. I want to see him smile.
"Those who criticize our CBAs should be required to provide ... real, verifiable dollars and cents to rebut our analyses
Since then, there has been a major move to increase OIRA's transparency and ensure that cost-benefit analysis is used in
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