cost of divorce

Unwinding a relationship requires a careful undoing of emotional, physical and financial connections, and must be performed with extreme caution to achieve two intact individuals in the end.
Divorce is devastating on many levels. The shot to the heart takes your breath away, and leaves you doubled-over as if you were punched in the gut. And that's just for starters...
5 Most Difficult States to Get a Divorce (Strictest Laws) | FindTheBest Not exactly. As the charts below illustrate, for
Ending a marriage isn't easy: the process can take years, ruin finances and destroy families. But a new film called "Divorce
Our big savings came from hashing out the general division of our major assets by ourselves. Meanwhile, I lived in a one
If your divorce is uncontested, billable hours are going to be greatly reduced, saving you substantial money on attorney's fees. Schedule some sit-down time with your spouse when the two of you can knock out the nuts and bolts of an agreement without the need for lawyers.
At some point, there must be a discussion in the relationship: Are we having children and who will care for them? And if the answer is that the wife will stay home, then how long, and does she have a plan to work as the child moves from tender years to tween?
Avvo surveyed 890 of their consumer users and 447 attorneys in June 2013 and found that the cost of divorce was the biggest
Deciding who should get what can be quite a challenge, even under the most amenable of situations. But, if your divorce is contentious, then this can be especially complicated.
Even when both parties enter into a separation with the best intentions of reasonableness, it's difficult to keep a grip on decency amidst a maelstrom of emotional and financial insecurity.