Costa Concordia

As risks have evolved from being phenomenological occurrences in the natural world, the twenty-first century is in many ways the era of man-made risk and man-stoked fires.
German photograher Jonathan Danko Kielkowski swam out to the wreckage to snap the abandoned ship's once-buzzing rooms.
Mystery and intrigue may be synonymous with the city of Venice, but the latest imbroglio between politicians and preservationists there seems a little more ham-handed.
Porto Ercole is one of the resorts you reach when you pass through Tuscany on the way to the Mediterranean or Tyrrhenean Sea as its called at this latitude. It's a sleepy little resort, with small yachts and boats moored in its harbor.
The wrecked Italian cruise ship is being towed to the port of Genoa to be scrapped following a two-year operation to salvage it.
As the year draws to a close, U.S. News Travel takes a look back at some of the wildest, wackiest and most outrageous travel stories of 2013. Next time you encounter a snafu while traveling, remember, it could always be worse.
"I jumped on its roof, Schettino had jumped on just before me. As soon as the lifeboat set off, the ship rolled over and
The 5th Moscow Biennale, which closed October 20, saw Political Correctness rear its head beneath the Kremlin walls as feminist Belgian curator Catherine de Zegher turned the swanky Manège exhibition center into a Global Bazaar.
New bird's-eye images showing the wrecked Costa Concordia cruise ship before and after the epic 19-hour operation to turn
Salvage crews finished pulling the Costa Concordia wreck upright on Tuesday, more than 20 months after the cruise ship capsized
The Associated Press explains parbuckling, the process that's being used to salvage the Costa Concordia wreck.
An attempt to pull the shipwrecked Costa Concordia upright will go ahead on Monday, Italian officials have confirmed.
Salvage crews in Italy could start as early as next week on a daunting operation to set the wreck of the Costa Concordia
The plan is initially to rotate the 114,500-ton vessel, then attach flotation tanks to the side that is currently under water
Costa Cruises, a unit of Carnival Corp , avoided a criminal trial by agreeing to pay 1 million euro ($1.31 million) fine
Salvage crews are working against time to remove the shipwrecked Costa Concordia cruise ship, which is slowly being crushed under its own weight on its perch of granite seabed off the Tuscan island of Giglio. Officials said Monday that if this attempt fails, there won't be a second chance.
Captain Francesco Schettino left the ship before all the ship's crew and passengers had been taken ashore. The giant Costa
The Costa Concordia remains half-sunk and perched on rocks off the island of Giglio. Because the area is a marine sanctuary