Costa Constantinides

Costa Constantinides, a progressive candidate for Queens borough president, is prioritizing climate issues in his platform.
It's the latest in a wave of local climate legislation in the Big Apple.
Queens produces much of the city's dirty electricity and houses most of its prisoners. A new package of bills aims to "right wrongs."
The nation's largest city is poised to enact what may be the most ambitious municipal emissions reduction bill in the world.
It's a landmark effort by the metropolis, which often blazes a path for other global cities.
By the end of 2019, the city would have to create a plan to phase out some 20 plants, including a notorious polluter in Queens.
It’s a divide-and-conquer approach critics say could weaken one of the most important major pieces of municipal climate legislation in the world.
If the provisions make it to the final draft, it could tank the most ambitious citywide climate bill in the world.