costa rica

Toxic levels of methanol were found in alcoholic products that are believed to be counterfeit, health officials said.
The small Central American nation is showing the world how nature conservation is done.
The allegations against the Nobel Peace Prize winner have been described as the most high-profile #MeToo accusations in Latin America to date.
The two men from Costa Rica had reportedly been adrift since Dec. 1.
Bismarck Espinoza Martinez, a security guard at the villa where Carla Stefaniak was staying, is reportedly being held in custody as authorities investigate.
Carla Stefaniak's family is waiting for officials to identify a body found buried in a shallow grave.
Carla Stefaniak has not been seen or heard from in nearly a week.
The groom's brother and three friends were killed when their rafts flipped on the Naranjo River.
“Costa Rica tells us that there is something beyond money that is important.”
President Carlos Alvarado welcomed the ruling, and said, “Our commitment to full equality remains intact."
The United Nations is asking other countries to support Costa Rica, which is receiving most of the asylum seekers.
Leading candidates in the crowded field are opposed to marriage equality and other queer issues.
Notaries are refusing to recognize the union until local laws are changed.
Two pilots and the families' tour guide also died in the New Year's Eve crash.
A family of 4 from Florida also perished Sunday when a Nature Air flight crashed into a mountain.