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Vanessa Bryant said during the NBA legend's memorial earlier this week that he once gifted her the dress that Rachel McAdams' character wore in the 2004 film.
The Hulu show's costume designer discusses sourcing the feminine, tailored pieces worn by Aidy Bryant.
As "Eclipsed" prepares for a transfer to San Francisco, scenic and costume designer Clint Ramos reflects on the importance of visual storytelling.
Tune into "Masters Of Sex" this Sunday, July 13 at 10 PM EST and watch the video below to learn more about the show's costuming
I've known Chloë for a million years. She's best friends with my best friend, Rosario Dawson. So I've always thought of Chloë
With Kalinda we combine hard and soft all the time. She may wear leather, but she’ll have on a chiffon blouse. Or she’ll
"Yes, it's a kimono but it's kind of this perfectly odd, vintage-looking kimono."
Bryant considered Priscilla on the recommendation of her close friend, Arthur Wayne, a public relations executive with Brooks
There are few things that film buffs and fashion fiends wouldn't do for the chance to converse with legendary Hollywood costume designer Edith Head, who dressed the silent film stars of the 1920s.