costume jewelry

Don't risk losing your diamond studs in the abyss. Switch them out for a pair that isn't so precious. Find a pair of studs
Most people either identify themselves as a "gold person" or a "silver person," choosing one of the metals as the best color
When Katie launched Three Jane in 2012, she had a singular item, the Map Necklace, and a dream of merging new luxury with customization.
Many designers this season have equipped their looks by accessorizing fine garments with vintage-inspired costume jewelry, a style that dates back to the 18th century.
Kahn, who is well-versed in the style history of bygone eras, is also skilled at infusing traditional, time-worn styles with a thoroughly modern twist.
Iradj Moini This month, artist and socialite Brigid Berlin is auctioning off her collection of prized costume jewelry at