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Life is full of hurdles. Big, overstuffed hurdles. The kind of hurdles you climb onto and nestle in before taking a nap -- ideally
My parents owned one good set of furniture for more than 40 years. I didn't have that same attachment to any sofa, and I've lost count of the good, bad and ugly selections that have entered and departed my living room.
Or anyone that lives in a small space. (Isn't that most of us?)
While on average a couch will run a minimum of $600, depending on what you choose, it doesn't mean you can't get away with this elemental piece on the cheap. It all depends on what you need in terms of use and where you are at in your life. Understanding this is the key.
Crowe, who had been careful to choose her family's couch from an eco-friendly line at a popular retailer, participated in