Park personnel are searching for the large cat that attacked the child during a family camping trip.
P-81 was found dead on the Pacific Coast Highway just over a month after beloved P-22 was euthanized.
“It was like a 2- to 3-second struggle," said the dog walker. "He had Piper in his mouth. I didn’t even hear him. I never had a chance” to save the dog.
Authorities said the 40-pound mountain lion casually walked into an English classroom at Pescadero High, and was contained when a janitor shut the door.
After the victim was found covered in blood, she was airlifted to a hospital, where she had surgery for multiple wounds to her head and upper body.
Two mountain lion kittens from a litter whose mother either died or abandoned them are now in the care of a Southern California veterinary hospital.
It's a good summer for the big cats who already have to deal with development, traffic, poisons and wildfires.
The disoriented cougar roamed the streets for two days until he was spotted by a police officer.
None of the biologists who've reviewed the footage could recall ever seeing this many cougars in one place.
A brave Southern California woman tried to pry open a mountain lion's jaws as it attacked her dog in her Simi Valley backyard.