It's a good summer for the big cats who already have to deal with development, traffic, poisons and wildfires.
The disoriented cougar roamed the streets for two days until he was spotted by a police officer.
None of the biologists who've reviewed the footage could recall ever seeing this many cougars in one place.
A brave Southern California woman tried to pry open a mountain lion's jaws as it attacked her dog in her Simi Valley backyard.
Two discredited far-right conspiracy theorists were up to their old tricks. But she deftly dismissed them.
A Sonora, California, couple had an uninvited guest who really hogged the toilet.
Cookie's veterinarian says the feline "takes up most of the table" when he comes in for a visit.
They could vanish in 50 years – or be protected by "wildlife corridors," researchers say.
Two siblings were captured and taken to a wildlife rehabilitation center.
Ventura County planners recommend proposed ordinance to carve out territory protections so wildlife can survive.