The singer wrote in an emotional Instagram post how she and husband Carey Hart are striving for "a lifetime of coming back to the table."
Psychotherapists recommend what to do if you can't afford sessions, your life is too busy or you just need some time away.
From financial infidelity to expensive phone sex bills, these counselors have seen it all.
Counseling was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.
Seeking help after two years of "total chaos" has brought him to a "good place," he says in candid interview.
The organization has been a leader in providing innovative and award-winning multilingual and culturally responsive services
Another lay leader said their pastor "will be the first one to stand up and say where he's wrong from the pulpit. I mean
How can this be?, I thought. This kid can have anything she wants. Why can't her parents make her feel whole? Ironically
We need ourselves, to find our own voices and activate our own ears. We will find connection in our disagreements as well as our shared interests, and we may well help to spread an epidemic of connection.
This familiar cycle of standing up for the right cause is now even more apparent to me in the upcoming presidential election. It's as though my entire life focus has been observing too many people not standing up for what's right in this election.