Parents can use Netflix's New Year's Eve countdowns that to make kids think it's midnight whenever they want.
Here’s why a billion people around the world watch a ball drop to mark New Year’s Eve.
But lets be real. Is this what really happens? Because if we are honest, I think most of us wake up in the morning and, let's
Now you're ready for the inhale. Keep your hands on your belly... Close your lips gently. Let the air come in through your
Number 1,000 was REO Speedwagon's "Keep on Loving You." Why you voted to put 998 songs between REO Speedwagon's greatest
7. Stick to your commitments.Even if you break a promise, it should stay broken. It's called being dependable. But enough
Cheers lads and leprechauns! For more St. Patrick's Day fun, head to our Facebook page and get your green on! Top of the
From four-stranded DNA to radioactive fish to a disco clam, I had a chance to count down the top five science stories of
From a gross spider video gone viral to a new study about violent video games, the week was full of interesting science news
From an incredible look at a giant squid to the International Space Station, I counted down the top five science stories
Usually reserved for bad rom-coms, frat boys and women who are just becoming familiar with the idea that they will probably sleep with multiple people before finding "The One," The List actually taught me a couple things about myself.
HuffPost Live Producer/Host Jacob Soboroff challenged me to countdown the top five science stories of the week in under a
HuffPost Live Host/Producer Alyona Minkovski challenged me to countdown the top five science stories of the week in less
Anyone who follows Olbermann on Twitter knows that the former Current TV host has a propensity for sparring with his followers
Now that beach season is around the corner, it's time to start busting our butts into bikini-approved shape.
Keith Olbermann and Piers Morgan are in the midst of a Twitter feud. Just before 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday evening, Olbermann
On Thursday night, O'Reilly and Lane both addressed the incident — O'Reilly on his own show, and Lane on Keith Olbermann's
"Countdown" audience members have been able to track Olbermann's path to goatee since November 21. Olbermann showed slight
"Thank heavens a young Iraq veteran grabbed me," she said. "...Otherwise I would have been on the ground trampled." Keith
According to De Keersmaker told a Danish blog that she had not been asked permission for her choreography