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In "Mining the States of City Minds," a recent blog, I introduced my approach to experiencing the texture of city life in Venice, California and writing up the resulting stories with a type of literary journalism.
Although the band comes from the '60s -- formed in Palo Alto in 1965, the Dead became a quintessential San Francisco band
2) What I don't regret--besides never having a gift registry--is the fact that I didn't have to stay married to an asshole
All Images (c) Scott Pilgrim After moving to Toronto, I gained access to a darker side of society through drug culture as
Certain Christians would do well to reflect seriously on why their views on same-sex marriage and gay rights more generally have gone out of favor, rather than attempting a retreat into a countercultural enclave.
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There is another aspect to the origin story of contemporary mass surveillance in the US: Resistance. While most "phone phreaks" and telephone enthusiasts were unaware of AT&T's Top Secret Project Greenstar, there was enough general contempt for the phone company's monopoly to trigger a viable resistance movement that had been percolating within the 1960s counterculture.
This small café in Manhattan's East Village is definitely worth the search, although finding it can be as elusive as Harry Potter locating the Hogwarts Express on Platform 9¾.
John O'Kane's at times rambling but nonetheless intriguing book length essay, "Venice, CA: A City State Of Mind," sums up the history, the observations, the artists and writers and poets great and famous and obscure who have lurked among the dark shadows of this Nirvana by the sea.
Through much of that summer of '67, the Summer of Love, Tim was the very first Haight-Ashbury "hippie" many tourists saw.
We were in my cramped, dingy bedroom in the Mission District flat I shared with three other San Francisco State students in that spring of 1967. "What's that?" I asked of tablets in a baggie she held up to me. "Acid," Ruth replied.
The exhibition "Crumb: From the Underground to the Genesis" captures Crumb's evolution from counter-culture icon to contemporary
Briga Heelan has booked a role as a series regular on ABC's "Counter Culture." The "Cougar Town" actress will appear in the
The show is about Grace Devlin (Spiro), a young surgeon who gets tangled up with the Chicago mob and is forced to moonlight
Mago Martindale has joined not one, but two new pilots. And does that mean "A Gifted Man" is facing cancellation? Martindale's
Doris Roberts is getting some "Counter Culture" with ABC. The Emmy-winning former matriarch of "Everybody Loves Raymond" has
Not long ago, America's specialty coffee roasters were as much friends as competitors. Now they're getting down to business.
In the twin worlds of Mad Men and my family, life was a roundtrip ticket that never got punched.