Counterfeit Money

12-year-old Christian Philon's parents said neither they nor their son had any idea the money was fake.
Alex Reichmann is a counterfeit money expert and CEO of, where he has worked with hundreds of business owners
Communism was relegated to the dustbin of history for many reasons, foremost among them were its warped economic policies. In places like Poland during the 1960s, foreigners with access to hard currency could easily game the system and do pretty well.
Operators of two Taco Bells in New York are accused of scamming customers with counterfeit money.
(Story continues below) He was later charged with petty larceny and sentenced to time already served, according to public
By Murray Weiss Although the Super Bowl game is taking place in the New York City area, officials are downplaying any connection
According to the Associated Press, Brown is facing felony charges, including obtaining property under false pretense, uttering
"He asked if I would give him a $50 bill to use for the printing, but I couldn't give it to him because that would be entrapment
Walmart isn’t the only company dealing with the issue. A few months ago, Sabrina Yvette Cantrell, an Atlanta woman, was caught
A statement from JP Morgan Chase said, "We are working to get all the facts and don’t want to come to any conclusions too
In the Michigan case, Ward used her state assistance Bridge Card in a transaction at Walmart, and received $100 back. But
Hagman has withdrawn all $16,000 from his savings account at TD Bank, since "they treated me horribly," he said. People that
You have to have a keen eye to be successful in a pawn shop. Rick Harrison picked up the nickname "The Spotter" because he
And you thought your multiplex overcharged for snacks. Two hot dogs, two sodas, and a tub of popcorn has cost one Texas man