“They’re not going to f**king succeed.” In a new book excerpt, Gen. Mark Milley said he was afraid that Donald Trump would try to use the military to stay in office after losing the 2020 election.
According to The New York Times, failed ex-President Donald Trump has been telling people that he’ll be back in office come August.
The talk show host analyzed the president's suspicious Pentagon firings and hirings as he baselessly cries foul in the election.
An ex-Green Beret’s absurd attempt to overthrow Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro will likely only deepen the country’s political crisis.
Twitter followers school the president on the difference between a coup and a constitutional process.
The president sees "bad apples" scheming an "overthrow." But don't worry, he told the NRA convention: "I didn't need a gun for that one."
"We are watching a president, whose back is to the wall," trying to grab a "get-out-of-jail pass," the Watergate journalist says.
Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn said in July that the military's attempt to overthrow the government was "worth clapping for." Now he calls Turkey an ally.
On July 15, Turkey was no longer a democracy to be saved. True, it would even be worse if the military successfully took over the government. The failure of the military on July 15 was a welcoming development for Turkish civilian politics, a historic one. But it was far from saving the Turkish democracy, which did not exist on July 15 anyway.
All things considered, Turkey's economy is not at a breaking point. Annual growth between 3 and 4 percent may underwhelm, but emerging market GDP expansion is down across the globe: Mexico, Brazil and South Africa would be very pleased with Turkey's growth projections.