couples fighting

When we take these steps, we may have thoughts telling us we are a fool, or we will just get hurt. Yet, being vulnerable actually makes us more likely to get what we want. It leads to healthier modes of relating and creates a more compassionate relationship.
Most couples want to know the secret to a long and healthy relationship. Some say it’s communication and some say it’s sex. But, researchers are saying the trick is good, old fashion complaining.
You know about their big-haired homecoming photo, the tattoo they “accidentally” got in Cancun, and the collection of figurines
"Money is emotional and fighting can start because individuals in a relationship have different views about money," she said
6. Stay in the calm zone. 4. Look ahead. Focusing on the past risks feeding old resentments and disappointments. Instead
Fighting, or arguing can even be healthy for a relationship if it's done respectfully and you both come out of it with a better understanding of the other person when the conflict is resolved.
In the first experiment, researchers asked 455 married participants to make a list of the resolutions they hoped for in a
There's nothing more uncomfortable than overhearing a couple arguing in public. Though, if you had to listen in, the experience
Find A Relationship Expert! 2. Incongruence. Most of our communication is non-verbal, and when it's out of sync with our
Remember that huge fight you had with your significant other the day? Remember what it was about? Every Argument Every Couple