-Office Supplies: 50% -Travel: 60% -Clothing: 32% -Electronics and Computers: 47% -Gifts: 31% -Designer Clothes: 43% -Computer
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It doesn't matter what time of the day you step foot into a grocery store, mall or even convenient store you are guaranteed to encounter at least one busy mom. In most cases you will see this mom running around frantically trying to make sure she purchases all the items she came out for while also chasing down a toddler or calming a crying toddler down.
Mylan is making an offer that appears to be more altruistic than it really is.
Do you coupon? What motivates you on your coupon journey. Save Money This is by far my favorite reason for couponing. You
 Weekly or Monthly Offers to Speed up Sales - These are the most traditional styles to increase sales at the end of the
When I encourage other people to save money on their grocery bills, I frequently hear “I don’t have the time to coupon."  While
Lasik can be expensive, but it doesn't have to break the bank. For me, it has been worth every penny I paid -- but I definitely wish I had looked deeper into my financial options before taking the plunge.
You did it! You are going to college, congrats! As you finish off high school and enjoy end-of-year celebrations, you'll want to start looking toward your summer. Here are my top tips on what you'll need to accomplish before leaving for college.
If you're a parent of a middle schooler, consider using this summer as an opportunity to teach a little more financial know
With the advent of pop psychology, authors such as Vance Packard and Wilson Bryan Keymade people realize that there is plenty of stuff going on beneath the surface in advertising and marketing. Whenever big bucks are involved, you can be sure that science, in one form or another, will be brought to bear.
Not only does this pharmacy offer medications, groceries, beauty products and a variety of everyday items, but Walgreens also provides medical care and immunizations at its walk-in clinics in more than 400 of its stores.
Rent movies on DVD and have a movie night at home. Pass the time until payday by reading a book, listening to music on a
But no matter what the tax deadline is where you live, you can take advantage of many special tax season offers. With the
Have no fear, beer lovers: National Beer Day doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg.
By Autumn Rose, Contributor You know the feeling: that rush of excitement when you open your mailbox and find the iconic
By Valencia Higuera, Contributor As the top global retailer, Walmart is a force to be reckoned with in the retail industry
I also learned that you need to be able to adjust as you reach different funding standpoints; you need to be able to have