The non-stop View rumors continue today with a report that Katie Couric is being eyed to replace Barbara Walters as a co-host when she retires next summer.
Everything is a cycle and this is GMA's time. Wait, did Swedish House Mafia just break up???
In promoting his new book, "Honor Bound: My Journey to Hell and Back With Amanda Knox," Sollecito shared memories of their
WATCH: Before Twitter and Facebook hijacked our lives, before we read the news on a screen and Susan Boyle became an overnight
Anyone in the media talking about raising income tax rates on the top two income brackets should disclose their possible conflict of interest. "Full disclosure, I fall into the top tax bracket myself, so I would personally be affected by changing this rate."
Photos of Katie Couric reportedly celebrating her September 2006 debut as anchor of the CBS Evening News have made their
Sources tell Hotline OnCall that Couric's producer sent two requests to Palin's publisher for interviews during the "Going
But strategically, it started falling apart almost immediately. After marveling at the crowd size for a few days, something
I have to at least try to defend the point she was (so badly) trying to make. Alaska was on the front lines of the Cold War. It's a valid point, especially with a newly-resurgent and newly-belligerent Russia.
AS Katie Couric puts a wrap on her first calendar year as anchor of the last-place "CBS Evening News," she's staring at some