They may be fantastical, but each character has some important wisdom to impart.
Have you ever tried to explain to someone who has absolutely no clue that cyber relationships are where you have connected with what are now some of your very best and most cherished friends?
Alfred Hitchcock knew instinctively what American Horror Story has never understood, that implication is everything.
From neglectful mothers to torturous ones to religious controlling ones, these are the terrible mommies, and thus mommy issues
That's right. Her last word at the stake was, of course, Balenciaga, the fabled fashion house, now helmed by Alexander Wang
Are the witches attempting Descensum here? In last week's episode, Queenie proved she had the power of Descensum, an ability
Get ready for some classic 1950s horror. As is to be expected, "American Horror Story" creator Ryan Murphy has been elusive about what we can expect in Season 4 of the hit FX series.
Ryan Murphy spilled the deathly details to EW on who we can expect to see again in the remaining three (ONLY THREE!) episodes
"American Horror Story" airs Wednesdays on FX. Sly Instagrammer aboyfromimpanema, disregarding possible supernatural consequences
The two may be close now, but Nicks claimed she has no idea what her "Coven" characters' fates are. At least we can look
Is Joan coming back? While we’d love to see Patti Lupone and Stevie Nicks in a sing-off -- entertainment during the Seven
This must be the Season of the Witch. Not only did the brilliantly warped minds behind American Horror Story, Ryan and Murphy and Brad Falchuk, create a Coven of them for Season 3, but they also made the witchiest woman of them all part of it. And Stevie Nicks couldn't be more delighted.
It's a treat. I'm looking forward to, as you say, the big, epic stuff. That's going to remind me of theater, where I am just
The first thing you see is the pink poodle prancing like a princess. Her Liberace collar dances in the sunlight, nearly blotting out her pipsqueak escort, a Pomeranian promenading in a mohawk.
Farmiga has mastered the art of the "troubled teen," but her craft can by no means be written off as one-sided. Farmiga got
Murphy had been tight-lipped about what's to come up until Friday night's reveal at Paleyfest, but earlier this month, "American