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Proofreading is just the first step.
A cover letter is meant to provide information about the candidate that the resume doesn't capture, but there are better ways to learn about a person that the workforce is already embracing
The idea that your resume and cover letter are getting sent into cyberspace can be intimidating, but keep in mind you can always follow up on an online application. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you master the online application.
Jones is careful to note that cover letters can still be effective in some cases, especially when they are personalized and
Company profits might be up, but the job market is still down. Whether you're battling unemployment or looking for a new gig, here's how to get your foot in the door. Career Coach Roy Cohen joins Ricky on set to offer his most essential tips.
Do you hate writing cover letters? Well, I hate reading them. Too often, they're just boiler-plate bromides applicable to