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The star credits Dolores O’Riordan for showing her how to be "feminine, strong and empowered."
A classic album as performed by everyone from Miley Cyrus to Chris Cornell.
I was intrigued. My readers know my view of the overused term "disruption" and my disdain for the lemming-like rush to disrupt
...and we've got a first listen to an incredible dance remix!
Though the world is wreathed in strife, artists, writers, poets and musicians are finding ways to extend the light for those who only see darkness.
Can we please stop praising indie dudes for “adding complexity” to Top 40 hits?
The band covered The Vaselines' song just like Nirvana used to.
Hailing from Germany but transplanted to San Francisco, songwriter and producer Chris Wirsig of the electro-noir-pop duo no:carrier, depicts a more obscure vision of California.