cover up

The Ohio Republican told CNN he supports his Florida colleague, who is being investigated over alleged sexual misconduct with a teen.
The complaint alleges the White House tried to cover up the president's actions.
The Saudi story of how the Washington Post contributor was killed changes again.
The incident inspired the film "Mississippi Burning," which wrongly concluded that the case was solved after an African American FBI agent was sent to Mississippi and interrogated a KKK sympathizer.
Following the greatest mass shooting and second deadliest mass casualty act of terror in U.S. history (after 9/11) the pundits are shaking their heads as to how it could have happened.
But the system of which he is a part - the privileged class of clericalism that thinks the world (and church) owe them something
Oil companies' coordinated cover-up of climate risks stretches back decades and rivals that of big tobacco companies.
No streaks. No cakey coverage. No fuss.
On Monday, September 17, twenty-eight years - essentially a life sentence ¬- was given to 61-year old disgraced peanut executive Stewart Parnell for his role in a salmonella cover-up linked to nine deaths between 2008 and 2009.
This is political maneuvering at its best. Why had this idea not been used before? Can you imagine how many scandals could have been swept under the rug and how many careers could have been saved?