Covington Catholic High School

Sandmann, who was 16 when footage of him and a Native American elder went viral, lost against several outlets including The New York Times and ABC News.
The network and a lawyer for Nicholas Sandmann, a student at Covington Catholic High School, confirmed the settlement, but wouldn't give details.
The lawsuit alleged that public figures defamed eight Kentucky students following their now-viral encounter with an indigenous activist in Washington, D.C.
A federal judge ruled that "justice requires" further review of a portion of the student's claims.
Nick Sandmann, a high school junior, filed a similar lawsuit against the Washington Post after his confrontation with Nathan Phillips went viral.
The Covington Catholic High student's suit says the Post “caused permanent damage to his life and reputation” with its report on a Lincoln Memorial incident.
Covington's Bishop Roger Foys says the Kentucky teens' reaction to the confrontation at the Lincoln Memorial was "laudatory."
Lexington's Bishop John Stowe said Covington Catholic students can't be "pro-life" while supporting a president who "denigrates" immigrants and refugees.
What really is the difference between the Covington students and Chiefs fans?
“The idea anybody could take joy in the destruction of young kids is absolutely outrageous to me," she said of the Covington Catholic students.