Two Wyoming sheriff’s deputies channeled their inner cowboy on Tuesday.
He wasn't always a cowboy. . My daughter just received her first pair of cowboy boots and when we opened the lid, the smell
It's Cowboy versus Cowboy, as the UFC heads to Pittsburgh, Pa. on February 21 for a rare Sunday night show. Former lightweight title challenger, Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone returns to action for the first time since losing his shot at the championship last December.
Depends where you go. Sure, these ranches seem quite different, but they do have a few things in common. Each of these ranches
Narcissistic, bullying, indifferent, degrading to others and unapologetic about it: this is the psychological face of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump and the kind of leader 68 percent of registered Republicans (47.4 million Americans) apparently want and are willing to vote for.
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Cowboy Chris McDaniel whips cigar out of editor's mouth
Jeff Tucker is an icon to me, thus, he's earned the status of being called by his first AND last name at all times. It's kind of like Harrison Ford. Listen, I'm not gonna call that guy Harrison. It's just not happening. He is Harrison Ford. Period. Jeff Tucker is Jeff Tucker. Period.
Along this journey I have been helped every single step of the way. People have been filling the bike up with Gas, feeding me and opening up their homes from Las Vegas to Colorado.
I've enjoyed a love affair that has lasted over 30 years. Through clogged plumbing (both bodily and home related). Through dozens of financial roller coaster rides. And countless arguments, cocktails parties and orgasms.