A new movie on Hulu shows how CEO Adam Neumann built a business and culture that was full of red flags.
Co-written by Johan Vardrup Which concept to pursue ultimately is a balance between strategic potential, as well as, short
You've likely heard of the benefits of collaboration in a coworking space, especially during a business's early stages. There
Sometimes we stick our stake in the ground and hold on for dear life. Our dentist is a master collaborator, and all of his co-workers are exceptional. On our last visit, they had just moved into a brand new workspace. It was the first day in their new home, and life was a bit crazy. There were designers, workman and engineers roaming around the space. Lots of machinery wasn't yet operational and finding necessary tools were a bit like a game of hide and seek.
There is scientific evidence pointing to why working from different environments feels good.
This is probably one of the nicest places in Milan to study or work as their bright interior design, with a lot of creative
What's often forgotten amongst all the focus on coworking, are the much larger, more complex and far more interesting global trends at hand.
It seems that the world is abuzz with thoughts of creating the next big tech startups, with the prospects of such innovations touted on both individual and societal levels.
What will be the next startup to arrive, the next lesson to be learned in the neighborhood as important to New York's own business history as the city itself? I don't know yet. I can't wait to find out.
Jerome Chang, owner and architect at Blankspaces in Los Angeles, sees the true value in contract furniture and leveraged