Several months ago, the Animal Legal Defense Fund stopped a Kansas-based coyote killing contest with a creative legal strategy
If the initiative passes, this is a big deal, not only because Montana has a lot of public lands--one third of the state or 50,000 square miles--and a long trapping tradition, but it will punctuate the growing shift to keeping state public lands safer for everybody.
"I'm proud to serve our community, even the small and furry."
I understand raccoons need to eat too, just not my chickens. I can't argue with nature, but I can keep my pets safe. Although their suburban yard is large, they have limited space to run and hid for cover. They are trapped.
A video showing a man practicing a coyote call (and getting a very noisy response) has gone viral this week, and it seems
"That's at the high end of modern coyotes today, and begins to come near the mass of living gray wolves," Meachen said. Modern
If you do come across a panther, FWC recommends the following: 1. Pick up any small children. 2. Give the panther space to
Cutting Wildlife Services' budget for the lethal control of carnivores is a win-win proposition for wildlife and the federal budget.
"He's not a threat...He's not going to pick up your children," Brad Block, a supervisor for the Chicago Commission on Animal
Tomorrow coyotes throughout Nova Scotia will be snared and trapped in a government-sponsored bounty spree. The killing will pay $20 per coyote pelt with the intent of reducing the population.
Over 120,000 native carnivores -- including coyotes, wolves, bobcats, badgers, foxes, and bears -- are killed every year by Wildlife Services, largely at the behest of corporate agribusiness interests.