I don't think I would be as kind. Having this disability makes me empathize with others that struggle with their adversity. There was a time that I was a bully, and I wouldn't have had the change of heart that I had. I can be sarcastic, and I'm sure I would have developed that trait further. Sarcasm makes it harder to make friends, and I wouldn't have the vast network that I have now.
The most likely of the FDA's actions will be to ban the sale of e-cigarettes to people under 18. Many companies already restrict
Yep. The storm that hit Canada's east coast on Wednesday was a mean one. It brought winds stronger than 2004's "White Juan", plenty of snow and knocked power out for thousands in Atlantic Canada. It also made life nasty for reporters who have to stand outside and tell us that it's a bad idea to stand outside in the middle of a blizzard.
Toronto filmmaker John Greyson and London, Ont., doctor Tarek Loubani were arrested by Egyptian police Friday when they were in Cairo on their way to Gaza. A Change.org petition is pressuring the Canadian government to demand their freedom.
The train was reportedly heading toward Maine. "Right now, there is big smoke in the air, so we have a mobile laboratory
Harley said Friday he doesn't know how much the Burnaby operation would have cost. Biologists eventually poisoned the lake
The rate for teenage moms reached its lowest point since record-keeping began in 1940. The rate fell nine percent to about
Shirley Bond, the attorney-general of British Columbia, issued instructions this week for special prosecutor Peter Wilson
As promised, here's our next round of funny women you would do well to follow on Twitter. We got a lot of feedback on our