cpac 2015

Anyone who didn't see the homophobia at CPAC -- and the organizing around it that still animates much of the conservative movement, and is bowed to by the GOP -- must have been wearing blinders.
Though Democrats ultimately won this battle without making any concessions, there will be other opportunities for the GOP to pick a fight. One is the upcoming raising of the debt ceiling.
This year, whether by design or coincidence, CPAC successfully covered all its bases by featuring dumbstupids spanning three generations. Who were these multi-generational representatives of the increasingly marginalized far-right brand?
You are Mardi Gras and voodoo. A flagon of wine and ten dozen raw oysters. A maestro. A man of mystery. An angry Falstaff who's bedded many a buxom wench and dug many a hole in the Pine Barrens. You are Christopher 'Big Daddy' Christie. And you can do for America what Mac Rebennack did for zydeco.
But mostly, as the governor puts it, he just "skis and hangs out." One man wearing a Rand Paul sticker approaches and urges
Paul delivered a speech at CPAC on Friday, taking jabs at Hillary Clinton and criticizing the National Security Agency's
In January, Bush, who many consider to be a top GOP contender for the White House, revealed that he smoked marijuana in high
In January, Bush said he was disappointed by a court's decision to allow marriage equality in the state. NATIONAL HARBOR
On Saturday afternoon, CPAC organizers will announce the results of a presidential straw poll conducted over the course of
"I will keep the IRS out of your life and out of the way of every job creator in America," Paul declared. Don't like the