How did such a beautiful disaster get created? I reached out to writer Judith Roberts and director Mark Tarlov, who are married, to find out.
One of our favorite warm weather activities is kicking back with a platter of oysters and some cold beers or a bottle of rosé, a pastime that's been popular for many years, in many places.
Crab dip is a staple of summer, but it is time to refresh the classic.
We've depleted the populations and ruined the habitats of some truly delicious fish.
It's summertime, the livin' is easy, and seafood shacks are throwing open their doors.
Don't be crabby! It's summer seafood season.
When you invite the ocean into your kitchen, you add the thrill of war to your meal.
I extend my arm and he drops a pile of sticks, sand, broken shells, seaweed, and what looks like straw into my open hand. Admiring the offering, I smile and close my hand gently around his gift and give him a wink as I walk towards the boardwalk.
A summer crab boil is within your reach.
Crab Mac, if you haven't had it, is a Monday kind of dish: rich, comforting, and laced with salty bits of crab and prosciutto. It pairs surprisingly well with a radicchio salad, which provides just enough sharpness to offset the creamy pasta.
In case you'd run out of food-related nightmare fuel, Reddit made you some more.
What happens when a crab decides one day that it wants to become a director? In most cases, probably nothing, since crabs
Whenever I watch PETA videos, I try to imagine myself in the animal's shoes. I will make an exception this time because I
It's almost sort of close to feeling like Fall, so naturally I'm chowing down on animal products of all kinds, whether in soup, sandwich or shell form.
What about the lobster roll's cousin, the crabmeat roll?
Gohmert: Cutting Food Stamps Not Evil Because Poor People Buy King Crab
When it comes to serving wine with seafood, we want the wine to marry with the delicate flavors of the fish.