A strange and disturbing possibility resurfaces as a new mission is under way to find her aircraft.
Measuring about just a centimeter across, sand bubbler crabs can cover an entire beach in little sand balls within just a couple of hours after a tide retreats.
Marovo lagoon Compare that with this less colourful South Pacific cousin on the South Pacific island of Tuvalu. Such sights
There is nothing I love more than hanging out and drinking with my family. It is my favorite thing. But drinking with my family on vacation takes it to a whole new level.
When gasoline was unavailable during the special period, Cubans turned to bicycles. Hundreds of thousands of clunky, but nearly indestructible, bikes, the ubiquitous Flying Pigeons, were imported from China, and Cuba soon had its own bike factory.
In the viral video above, watch the moment when one hermit crab -- owned by photographer Steve Guntrip, who captured the
Sadly, the cameraman in the video above was a victim of crabs when a crab stole his beer. He protests and even tries to take